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FAQ is a support page, where GWTCS members will find solutions for most of the questions. Your suggestions are needed for the Association to do things interesting to everyone in the community. Let the committee know your talents, and what you would like to see in the Functions organized by GWTCS.

  • Hello I'm a member of GWTCS and How can Inform to the GWTCS Secretary to update my new change of address in the Member List ?

    Please send email to the current secretary to update the change of address in the member list.

  • I am a member of GWTCS and not receiving GWTCS's Telugu Vartha Vahini magazine?

    Please email a request to the Treasurer and secretary. Both Treasurer and Secretary will co-ordinate and will inform to editorial committee to update the mailing list and you must receive GWTCS's Telugu Vartha Vahini.

  • I am not receiving GWTCS event e-mails. Where do I subscribe to receive GWTCS event e-mails ?

    Please email a request to admin will add your account to the distribution e-mail list and you will be receiving any GWTCS event notifications.

  • I am a paid member and my name does not showup in members list. Whom do I inform to correct the list?

    Whom do I inform to correct the list? List will be updated in 6 weeks after the membership. Treasure has to verify accounts and secretary will update the GWTCS database. Finally Webmaster will update the list. If you notice there is an error in the list or your name does not appear in the list, please send a request to the GWTCS Secretary.

Web admin will update the list after receiving notification from the Secretary.